Senior Nutrition

Championing senior nutrition solutions

Optimize Health Solutions (OHS) provides an unmatched combination of expert dietetic knowledge, empathy for older adults and in depth understanding of nutrition needs to support renewed quality of life and independence.

The Challenges– Seniors face loss of appetite and unintentional weight loss, often stemming from lack of knowledge, and outdated or inconsistent advice about optimum nutrition. Patients with chronic diseases often have poor understanding of their increased nutrition needs.

How OHS works – We deliver practical, client focused and workable nutrition solutions for seniors and others with complex nutrition needs through the right mix of:

  • helping seniors (and families) and patients with chronic diseases to access sound nutrition advice and identify easier ways of ensuring their diet has sufficient nutritious food and fluids
  • training health professionals to identify seniors at risk of malnutrition and to provide early advice on healthy eating and hydration for older adults with complex health needs
  • advising food producers on ways to develop more nutritious and tasty products specifically designed for seniors



You're never too old to be a farmer

Photos Above: Malnutrition Risk Screening and Presentations on Senior Nutrition

We provide a personalised assessment and nutrition advisory service for seniors (and their families / caregivers)this includes an initial assessment and goal setting appointment (home visit) by a qualified dietitian with follow up sessions to support goal achievements (usually by teleconference or Skype).

Outcomes – renewed quality of life for seniors, increased independence, restored appetite, preparing and eating more nutritious food and liquids, and rediscovering the joy of food.