Project Management

Driving Innovation to optimize health outcomes

Optimize Health Solutions (OHS) has the right expertise to deliver customer-focused projects leading to significant improvements in how patients experience and access health care services in the community.

The Challenges

We understand that changing health service practice presents major challenges; tight budgets, limited training, silo thinking, and sometimes resistance to change, are a fact of life.

How OHS works

Our approach is inclusive, based on sound clinical and practice based evidence and working from existing strengths. We seek quality improvement and innovation, using insights of what has worked well overseas or in other NZ health settings, adapted to local community needs and organisational context.

Typically this includes:

audits and reviews of current service from the perspective of client focused care and taking integrated health services out to communities

proposing and helping implement quality improvements across professional groups focused on delivering improved services for complex high need patients in the community, thus preventing avoidable hospital admissions and enabling carers to support early discharge of patients.


Our expertise will enable more complex intensive patients to maintain optimum health through: improved coordination of health care across allied health services; one person becoming the primary patient contact; service delivery as close as possible to home; care revolving around patient and family driven goals; and shared access to patient records.