The Pure Food Co.

Here are some blog articles I've written for the Pure Food Co. An innovative company that specialises in soft texture foods for aged care and healthcare. Hope you enjoy the read!

- Kaye Dennison

Preventing Pressure Injuries - getting the basics right!

Pressure injuries can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life. They cause significant pain, social isolation, reduced mobility, prolong hospital admissions and in the worse case, can even lead to death. Despite the doom and gloom, the good news is that research shows most pressure injuries are preventible! (Click the link for the full article)


Malnutrition starts in the community

Malnutrition is a worldwide problem without a doubt, however, potentially to the surprise of some, there’s also a problem much closer to home. (Click the link for the full article)


Food Fortification

Malnutrition in the form of undernutrition, across the life cycle is a concern in all countries, even New Zealand. Luckily fortified foods provide an excellent strategy in combating this problem for disabled children, youth and adults who are at risk of or are malnourished. (Click the link for the full article)