Kaye's on the right track: A round up of the latest nutrition risk workshop feedback

Posted on 27 September 2015 | Posted in News | Author: Rebecca Watkin for OHS

Kaye has presented at a number of workshops recently on nutrition risk screening for older adults. Part of these workshops focused on using the Mini Nutritional Assessment-Short Form (MNA-SF).  This handy tool is a quick and easy way to screen for nutrition risk and can be performed by any clinician working with older adults. With screening taking less than 5 minutes, and in 6 easy questions, an older adult can be identified as being malnourished, at risk of malnutrition or having a normal nutritional status.  

Although Kaye certainly came away from the workshops feeling like they went well, it has been great to read through some of the feedback from those who attended. So great in fact, we thought we’d share some of the highlights.

The biggest highlight is that all of the feedback was positive, from the interest level in the topic right through to the little details like the duration and venue. In fact, 94% of the attendees said they were very interested in the topic (don’t worry the other 6% still said there was good interest) – much to Kaye’s pleasure given her crusade to bring nutrition in older adults into the fore.

Better yet, 100% of attendees said that the topic of interest was of excellent relevance to their current work, which is excellent seeing as those who attended were GPs, Practice Nurses and Dietitians.

All the attendees loved Kaye’s presentation style too, with each able to easily understand the topics at hand and take away some key learnings. Who would have known that mid-calf circumference is an indicator of malnutrition? Well these folks sure do now.

Overall, it was great to see that everyone seemed to benefit in their own way and pick up on different points for them to take back to work with them. So if you see Kaye on the agenda at a seminar or presentation soon, be sure to get yourself there!

Oh by the way, keen to know where you can find the MNAÒ-SF that we talked about earlier? Take a look here… http://www.mna-elderly.com/mna_forms.html