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Coaching and Mentoring for the Career Savvy

Posted on 18 August 2015 | Posted in Coaching and Mentoring | Author: Rebecca Watkin for OHS

Helping you take the next step in your career

By now you’ve perused through the Optimize website and you’ve got a bit of an idea about what Kaye can offer you (if you haven’t then c’mon, off you go!). Perhaps you’ve already thought about getting some career support or professional supervision? Well, Kaye’s knowledge experience and current involvement in health service change management means she is able to provide allied health professionals with personalised services.  One size doesn’t fit all! 

You don’t have to be a dietitian like Kaye, you could be an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist or even a senior nurse.  If you’re in your current job and looking to advance your career, Kaye at Optimize Health Solutions Ltd (OHS) should be your first port of call. 

So why enlist a coach or mentor?

For those of you who have tried a spot of rock climbing you’ll know as the wall starts to slope things start to get harder. This is no different from your career. But just because you can see the tough slope ahead, it doesn’t mean you should slow down and stay where you are comfortable.  

Kaye wants to support you to go for that slope, tackling difficult work places head on and helping you strive to take on leadership or specialist roles. Kaye works on a strengths based approach by helping to identify opportunities for professional development and set personal goals. Dealing with high-pressure situations doesn’t have to be done alone and navigating the path of your career does not have to be done blind. Kaye can provide support through formal professional supervision or coaching for job applications right from step one.

All of this may seem intimidating, and pushing yourself forward may seem difficult. But take the challenge. It’s probably not that much of a stretch at all. 

So if you don’t know which step you should take next or you don’t have a good grip, talking to someone who has been in your shoes before could be the answer. Kaye could be the answer.