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Coaching and Mentoring for New Graduate Dietitians

Posted on 16 February 2016 | Posted in Coaching and Mentoring | Author: Rebecca Watkin for OHS

Are you a new graduate dietitian needing a helping hand into the work force?

You’re out the other end of your dietetic training and you’re still in one piece... just! With a head full of knowledge and riding on a wave of enthusiasm after finishing your studies it’s now time to put all of that learning into practice. It’s time for the real world! *Insert drum roll here*. 

Both through word of mouth and through the regular job emails that come through with few relevant positions, you know that there aren’t a huge number of jobs available. Patience is key here, as the right role will always come up.

Just like when you wanted to get into dietetics, when applying for a role you really need to showcase yourself. But how? How can you start getting more experience for your CV? Or maybe you’ve already got that and you’re thinking, now what?

Enter Kaye Dennison.

Through her own experience, Kaye can coach you on how to stand out from the crowd, profile the authentic you, and to sell those things that make you stand out from the rest. It could be as simple as something you do outside of dietetics, you never know, as what’s unremarkable to you, could be pretty special to your interview panel.

Kaye is aware of the sorts of questions you are likely to be asked in an interview because she’s been on both ends. She can help you identify where your strengths lie and explore the areas of work you could you go into.

With HR expertise and in-depth current health sector knowledge, a key point of difference with OHS, Kaye can show you how to tailor your interview responses and showcase your different experience depending on the position. Ultimately, Kaye is driven by her passion to see people succeed in their careers. You could be that next person!

Don’t be scared or anxious, it’s the beginning of an exciting professional career and you’re just getting started!