Sue Pollard

CEO NZ Nutrition Foundation

From 2003 to 2008, Kaye Dennison was the founder and Chair of the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation’s committee, set up to promote nutrition for healthy ageing. In this voluntary role Kaye was a tireless advocate for ‘healthy ageing through nutrition and physical activity’. She led and participated in the committee’s activities, including organising events, producing resources, public speaking, seminar presentations, advocacy and partnering with our corporate members and government agencies on joint initiatives.

I recommend Kaye as a national and internationally known expert on food and nutrition for ageing, with high ethical and professional standards and a passion for her work.   

Katrina Pace

Senior Dietitian and Researcher in dietetics

Combining attention to detail, extensive clinical knowledge and a heart for older people, Kaye brings together the magic that creates tangible health improvements for our older New Zealanders.  Kaye has a unique ability to see outside barriers towards achieving health outcomes, making even the most pie-in-the-sky idea become reality.  Having worked with Kaye on many projects to improve the health of older adults there is no one I would endorse more. 

Consultant Dietitian in Foodservice and Gerontology

Retired Honorary Life Member, Dietitians NZ

Kaye Dennison is passionate about any aspect of her work as a registered dietitian. In her work with older people, she has demonstrated her ability as an advocate for better nutrition for older people as an adjunct to improved quality of life in later years. This she does from a many pronged perspective:

  • As a member of a multi-disciplinary team working with older people in the community, she operates in a truly collaborative manner with other health professionals to enable the best outcome for her clients.
  • She has been a driver and facilitator in establishing Unit Standards for the NZQA training of Dietitian assistants to help dietitians implement nutrition care plans and assist in other less demanding tasks relating to good nutrition care.
  • She contributes to the training and education of every member of the nutritional health care team, including the older client, the care assistants, the professional caregivers – nurses and others, and her own professional colleagues.
  • She is an active member of both Dietitians New Zealand and the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation where her passion and skills in this area are both acknowledged and sought.

Kaye’s philosophy in the nutritional care of the older person is that care must be integrated, so that problems are identified and dealt with in a timely manner. Her work with Meals on Wheels led to the development of a pilot programme that ensured that people on Meals on Wheels were actively supported to make progress towards regaining independence over relatively short time frame.

In addition, Kaye actively advocates for greater awareness of the nutritional status of older people, particularly those in aged residential care facilities, and her work has highlighted the risks of malnutrition in this setting. She has developed and promoted nutritional audit tools to monitor nutritional status, and her work is well known throughout New Zealand.

Kaye Dennison can be expected to provide a quality and relevant service to her clients and customers. She is an extremely capable dietitian who has a broad base of dietetic expertise informed by her knowledge and experience of the health sector as a senior manager in a large DHB. She is well-known for her innovative thinking and actions. She always works collaboratively in the interests of her clients, customers and stakeholders to ensure the expected outcomes are relevant and based on sound decision making skills. I believe that her venture into business as Director of Optimize Health Solutions Ltd will enable her to use her talents and strengths to meet her clients’ requirements in the food and nutrition field.