Vicky Campbell

Dietitian Manager

Kaye is an inspiration to all and no challenge is too small for Kaye. I have worked with Kaye on many innovative Allied Health projects and I have always been impressed by Kaye's ability to lead diverse groups and to always deliver on time. Kaye is very inclusive and always seeks extensive input into a project. Kaye has such a positive and enthusiastic nature that she great on engaging groups with change. Kaye has a very evidence based philosophy so all of her recommendations are based on evidence.

Allied Health Professional Leader


I have had the opportunity to work on several projects with Kaye. I am always relieved when Kaye is involved with a project because she always get the job done. Kaye drives project work with her excellent organisational skills, ambitious but realistic goal-setting, and sheer energy. She is an asset to any team and a joy to work with."

Successful applicant for two 2014 Dietetic Masters Programmes

In preparation for my Masters of Dietetics application I was fortunate to receive a series of coaching sessions from Kaye Dennison (NZRD). I was made aware from other NZ Dietitians that Kaye is a respected member of the New Zealand dietetic community as well as an advocate for other allied health care professionals. During coaching sessions, she developed my confidence in terms of what to expect in interview situations. She taught me how I could effectively apply my knowledge from my undergrad learning as well as from work experience, to give passionate and eloquent answers. Additionally she encouraged me to pursue my own areas of interest within the Dietetic field and guided me as to where and how to find evidence based information. Her clinical knowledge, teamed with her absolute passion for working in Dietetics, has been immeasurably inspiring.

I don’t believe I would have been as successful in my postgraduate application without Kaye’s support.