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We offer Independence, Innovation, and Insights for cost effective solutions to advance community health and health service provision.

Everything we do is based on sound clinical evidence and 30 years of experience working across allied health services in New Zealand and overseas.

Here’s what previous clients had to say...


Senior Specialist Dietitian.

Kaye provided me with professional supervision for the first year of entering a new senior dietitian role with leadership expectations.  She was an excellent mentor and helped guide my thought process setting work objectives and KPI's, and also to develop and nurture my personal leadership skills.  During this time my... Read more


Successful applicant for Masters of Dietetics training

Kaye’s coaching prior to my Master's application contributed significantly to my successful outcome. She provided me with interview questions I was likely to be asked, and we did mock interviews to build my confidence. Kaye also gave me great feedback and suggestions about how to improve my CV and promptly... Read more

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Positive aging means at 89 enjoying riding the farm bike Jim recently received for Xmas!

Kaye's Thoughts

Focusing on achieving outcomes on time!

Kaye Dennison

Director of Optimize Health Solutions

Implementing innovation and integration in health services

Kaye Dennison

Director of Optimize Health Solutions

Mind mapping for successful project plans

Kaye Dennison

Director of Optimize Health Solutions